The Most Efficient Methods to Cure your Swing Faults

Often, golf students would go to the coach to address different problems of golf swings. However, you can fix your swing faults yourself, provided you work on your technique and make sure that the foundation of your golf swing is solid. You must do the exercises of swings daily to memorize the techniques by heart.

  1. This is a basic rule to have your fundamentals of swing in place. You need to make them a habit such that you feel incomplete if you do not exercise one day. Ideally, the perfect place to practice is the driving range, but if you do not have access to it, you can practice in your backyard too. Grab a golf club and lay it on your floor. Point it in line with the target at the driving range.
  2. Line the feet with the golf club such that the feet are at a width as much as that of your shoulders. Position the golf ball on the ground at the spot as you would place it normally in your stance. You must be using an interlocking grip. The index finger of the hand on top should be interlocked with the little finger of the hand at bottom. The thumbs of both hands should ne pointing down the grip in a straight column. Extend the arms and keep the back straight. Flex the knees till the time you feel that you can address the golf ball comfortably.
  3. Draw the club back slowly. Your knees and hips should follow the trail of the golf club. Your left arm should be straight if you are a right-handed golfer and vice-versa. Keep bringing the golf club back gradually till the time the hips become coiled back along with the club. The golf club should be over your head and parallel to ground. Keep the eyes on the golf ball and the head down. If you can achieve all this, you have executed a perfect, deliberate backswing. You must practice it over and over again to achieve perfection.
  4. Begin bringing the club downwards in conjunction with your knees and hips. Your feet must be in the same position as they were when you started the swing-shoulder-width distant. At an even pace, with your eyes on the ball and your head inertly down, bring the golf club downwards and hit the ball. This is the perfect downswing that you have executed. However, you cannot stop here. The follow through is yet to come.
  5. This is the final step of follow through. Keeping your head down, bring your golf club across the ball. You must stay on the straight and even path you began with the downswing. Continue to move the golf club till the time it reaches the left shoulder, if you are right handed. The opposite sequence will follow if you are a left-handed golfer. Your head will follow the arms comfortably through the swing. When the follow through is complete, you would be looking ahead straight. This step is a crucial part of your golf swing. Thus, you must not underestimate it and complete it at all times. Follow through must be a component of your practice swing so that you attain a perfect swing.