Top 5 Golf Pitching Tips For Newbie Players

Everyone starts from somewhere. If you are just getting to start playing golf, you will realize that there are certain things that you need to learn. The basics are really important, and you have to make sure that you put in as much effort as possible to master the basics. Once you get a good grasp on the basics, it is after then that you will need to start working your way up to other specialty concepts on the course.

One of the most common challenges that we have with beginner players today is the fact that most of them tend to have the urge for rushing into things, or the desire to get the best experience so far without really taking time to master the important ideas. Just as is the case in life, you cannot run before you can walk.

There are some useful pitching tips that will help you a great deal when you are just starting out, and from there you should be able to have an awesome experience altogether. Here are some of the most useful pitching tips for starters like yourself:

  • Learn to make consistent contact
  • Perfect your setup
  • Close your stance
  • Alignment on the backswing
  • Keep practicing

Learn to make consistent contact

One of the most important things that you have to make sure you keep working on while you are practicing, is to make your contact with the ball consistent. You should be able to deliver the pitch in such a manner that you can hit it all the time without even looking.

Perfect your setup

The setup is just as important as anything else that you will be trying to do for this shot. With a good setup, it is really easy for you to make sure that the pitch shot you deliver will be as accurate as possible.

Close your stance

A closed stance is one of the other key elements that you need to consider. With a closed stance you have the easiest chance of starting the shot on the correct path all the time.

Alignment on the backswing

Pay attention to your backswing. Try and hinge the right wrist just a bit so that you do have the handle closer to your body.

Keep practicing

One of the biggest challenges facing a lot of players is the fact that they do not spend enough time practicing. You have to do this to improve and become better with time.