5 Basic Drills You Can Use To Become A Great Golfer

Despite constant practice and perseverance, you still need some tips, tricks and drills to master the game of golf. Go through the following drills and include them in your practice regime to master golf:

  1. Visualize it and trust it
  2. This drill will improve your chipping and it can also be practiced with different clubs. Select a hole on the edge of the green, which is approximately 20-25 feet away. Endure your pre-shot routine with a 6-iron. This routine must consist of visualization, sensation and trust. Visualization encompasses imagining the landing and rolling of the ball. After that you must feel a swing that you would require to create that shot. Trust yourself and hit the ball. Practice this drill with different clubs.

  3. Stance
  4. If you face problems with your aim, this drill will come in handy. Let fall a ball and address it like you are processing to take a swing using a mid-iron. Your feet should be neither too closed nor too open to your target. Position the club such that it lies from foot to foot. Examine the direction of the club and make alterations. Visualize the golf club making a line towards the target. In case, the line is on the left of your target, your ball will fall on the left during the actual shot. If the line of the club is on the right of your target, your ball will fall on the right of your target.

  5. Putting drill
  6. Position 3 golf balls at the intervals of feet, far from the hole, each on the putting green. Try to smack each ball into the cavity, while you must concentrate only on the putting stroke’s length. You must strike every putt with the same speed regardless of the distance. Only the length of the backstroke should vary. Take different distances with the balls, with the same speed and your eyes closed. It will enable you to feel the head of the club move around the ball.

  7. Counting drill
  8. To improve your slice or hook, take a backswing normally and stop at the top. Count to at least 2 before you return to the ball. It will lower down your lower body’s speed and let you visualize your swing in parts so that you can make necessary corrections.

  9. Penny drill
  10. This drill will enable you to get the golf ball off the ground fast. Place a penny on the mat where you practice. Try to smack the penny using various clubs and notice the distance it flies. This will help you to stop hitting the ball on the top. Now, place the ball on top of the penny and hit that penny. It will help you a lot to improve your game.