8 Golf Mental Game Tips From A Professional Coach

So much of golf is mental. Just think in a round of four hours how much time you will spend over the ball and hitting it towards its target. It is realistically only a few minutes. Certainly the vast majority of the time you will be moving between shots, chatting with your fellow players then focusing on the next shot when you reach the ball. There is so much time on the course when your mind can stray to all sorts of things; few will actually help your performance.

In no particular order of importance there are a few things that you can do to train your mind towards helping your performance:

  • Ignore a bad shot. Certainly there is nothing you can do once you have played a bad shot except concentrate on the next one and how best to repair the damage. Your technique has not changed after all.
  • Keep just a single swing thought. You know what you want to achieve and you need to clear your mind of everything else.
  • Reject any little thoughts in your head that might distract you. Perhaps talk a little more to fellow players en route to the ball so your mind is not on a previous mistake?
  • Produce a picture in your head about what you hope and expect from the next shot. You have no need to hurry and if the shot is over water or another hazard forget that and concentrate on the distance in the knowledge you regularly hit your chosen club that distance.
  • Almost hypnotise yourself to be positive. You’ve gone close to the pin from a bunker before or hit a left to right iron to avoid trees. You can do it again.
  • Ignore your score. The next one is the most important in the round and there is nothing that can be done about those that have already been taken.
  • Be decisive. Body language says a great deal and there is nothing wrong is letting others see that you are confident.
  • If you can stay in the present, you will avoid your mind thinking about the rest of the round. It is particularly dangerous to start well, be comfortably within your handicap at the turn and start imagining a great completed round.

There is plenty more to the game ranging from talent and technique to course management but mastering the mental side of the game is a major leap forward.