Important Information On Driving Distance For Newbies In Golf

Without a doubt, the drive is the favorite shot of newbie golfers. It gives them tremendous rush when they see the ball blast off from their club down the fairway. Long game shots such as the drive are much easier than the short gameplay. Before beginners become mature enough to learn the short game shots, they need to become masters of the golf drive. In this article, we focus on providing useful information on driving distance for newbies. The points given below will help them perfect their golf drive.

Control over power

Beginners, a large number of them, think, to hit the ball long, it’s important to hit with maximum power. Though it might sound logical, it’s not always true. You just have to look at pro golfers drive the ball down the fairway; they make the swing look effortless and casual. The secret of drive distance lies in control and not force applied on the club. Newbies are advised not to use all their strength to swing the club. Instead use just 70 to 80 percent of total muscle strength and focus on gaining greater control over the ball. There are many factors that determine the distance the ball will travel; in that list, control is certainly more important than power.

Maintain a relaxed wrist for better control

To achieve better control and translate it to distance beginners are advised to maintain a relaxed wrist position at the setup, hitting through the ball, and during the follow-through. When you swing the club the wrists must turn and flow with the momentum of the stick. This will happen only if the wrists are relaxed and not too tight.

Drive distance and height of the tee

A simple study was carried out by the Golf(dot)Com website to understand the relation between golf drive distance and height of the tee. Golfers were asked to drive the ball from low, middle, and high tee positions. It was found that with an increase in tee the ball flew extra 12 yards. Although experts don’t guarantee the same result to every player who raises the tee, it can be safely said that raising the tee will have a positive effect on your drive.

How does increase in tee height help the distance of the drive? Those who conducted the study were of the opinion that the increase in tee height meant there was little chance of the club scraping the surface grass during the swing.