Tips For Golfers Willing To Learn Some Special Skills

In golf, hitting the ball into the hole using the least number of shots is one aspect of the game. Golfers also aim to finish a round of golf with better scores than their competitors or golf buddies. Players take lessons, practice hard, and train for long hours just to prove they are better than other golfers. One way of beating the competition is by learning some special golf skills. In this article, we’re to share with you some tips to make you a better player.

  1. Golf is not always about hitting the ball high in the air. Sometimes it’s essential to keep the trajectory of the ball lower, closer to the ground. To accomplish it most golfers would reduce swing speed, use clubs with less flex, or move the ball slightly back in their stance. All these moves involve a higher risk of a faulty shot. An easier alternative is to lower the hands and keep the follow-through height to a minimum.

  2. Have you ever wondered how you generate the power to make the ball soar high and far? Most players think it’s the shoulders, arms, and hands that produce power. Actually, the whole body plays a crucial role in this. To know whether you’re doing it right or not, take this simple test. Set up to play a shot and place the club just behind the ball. Now, instead of a backswing with the hands, use the whole body to push the ball with the clubs. Those who use only their hands to power the swing will find it impossible. With practice, you can learn to use the whole body to play a shot.

  3. Shoulder rotation is closely linked to the success of the backswing and the shot. For a perfect shoulder rotation, make sure the following points are in place: At the end of the backswing your spine and the right-hand forearm must be parallel to each other, the right angle must be formed by the elbows of both hands, and finally the wrist of the left-hand must be flat.

  4. We get disappointed every time we fail to hit a solid shot with our iron clubs. Where are we going wrong? Normally, there are a couple of reasons for a faulty iron shot. One, taking the arm too far during the backswing, and second, keeping the takeaway close to the turf. Both these errors will affect the normal body posture and cause mishits. How to ensure solid iron shots? Between the club shaft and the left-hand, there should be a gap with a 45-degree angle at the time of the setup. When you’re initiating the takeaway the club head must move fast, while the hands are still close to the surface.