How To Avoid Typical Mistakes When Chipping From The Bunker

When the ball finds the bunker golfers have a tough time chipping the ball out. Sometime you would think that the ball has taken abode and is refusing to leave the sand trap. Golfers need not worry; although chipping from the bunker is a tough shot to play you can improve your game just by identifying the mistakes and correcting them.

Sometimes the mistakes committed in the setup can trigger a faulty chip from the bunker. Let’s take a look at the causes and how to deal with the mistakes.

  1. Golfers who play the chip with the club face not opened enough tend to hit within the bunker. Having the club face open will allow you to use the inbuilt loft in the club to get the ball high and out of the bunker. The extra adjustment to the club face will also prevent you from digging into the sand. With an open face you’ll slide beneath the sand and give the ball better loft. Keep in mind that while playing in loose, fluffy sand open the club face more and in wet, hard sand open it less.
  2. Most players and some experts advise placing the ball back of center in your stance. This won’t work as you’ll catch the ball during the descending movement resulting in a low lob. By placing the ball slightly forward of center in your stance you’ll ensure the club catches the ball on the upswing resulting in higher loft and more air time.
  3. Weight transfer assumes more importance when you’re standing on an uneven, no-so-hard surface. A common mistake that most players make is to allow their weight hang back. This will most probably result in a faulty chip. Take steps to avoid this mistake.
  4. To gain balance and better footing on sand golfers dig their foot into it. By digging deep you make it difficult for yourself to get the elevation you want. If you insist on doing this to gain balance, then you’ll have to adjust your grip. Don’t forget too many adjustments will increase the chance of a mishit. Anyways, stand on the sand while playing the chip from the bunker. It increases the chance of a clear hit.
  5. Finally, while playing a chip from the bunker there is a good chance you’ll catch the sand with a choked down grip. Your objective should be to hit the ball on the upswing. This can be achieved by choking up an inch or two.