The Most Helpful Tips and Drills for Senior Golf Players

Senior golfers are mostly seasoned players who are familiar with the mental of physical benefits of playing golf regularly. That is why; they do not quite delight in the changes of their body that occur with ageing. As you age, you start understanding the game of golf much better, but the endurance and physical strength decreases. The experts and coaches of golf advice that it is better to adapt to the changes of your body and modify your game accordingly to continue the sense of achievement and enjoyment.

  1. Warm up vigorously
  2. You must have a solid routine of warming up before the game to preserve your physical abilities and prevent injuries. There are some common areas of concern with senior players like hips, ankles, shoulders and neck. You must warm up these areas carefully before you start your game.

  3. Swing practice and pre-game exercise
  4. You must maintain strength of your muscles to attain proper stance, posture and balance. It will increase your endurance on course as well as reduce pains and aches off the golf course. You can practice swings for only 10 minutes and do stretching exercises.

  5. Change your equipment
  6. Presently, there are completely different mechanics for the golf game of seniors. Therefore, it becomes crucial for senior golfers to reexamine their accessories and equipment. Replace your long irons with hybrid golf clubs; they are much easier to hit. You can also replace your 3-woods that have low loft with 3-woods that have higher loft. They are much more user friendly.

  7. Change the grips
  8. The regular golf grips may not work very well for you. If the shorter size of grip does not respond very well for your game, do not hesitate to change the grip to a bigger size. Larger grips assist in increasing the power and strength of a player. It allows them to hold the club in a better way.

  9. Do not leave practicing
  10. Constant practice is still the answer to a great game of golf as it used to be in your days of youth. If you practice regularly, most of your physical problems that hinder your game will vanish and you will be able to maintain lower scores. Your practice sessions may include 3-4 putt shots. Even if you convert 50% of your practice shots, you can decrease your overall score significantly. After all, your ultimate aim is to make the ball reach the hole in minimum strokes.