Golf Short Game Tips For Those Who Want To Improve Skills

Mastering a single facet of golf won’t help you lower your score, a good mastery of all the aspects is essential. Like most of the golf players, you too may be captivated by the drive, but the true skill and challenge lies in the short game strokes. Players well versed in the short game have a distinct advantage over the others. You’re willing to make the effort. All that you need now is some valuable advice or tips to improve your skills.

  1. Recognize the reason you want to improve the short game. The reason you’re reading this content is that you want to improve, and for that, you need to know the areas to work. Analyze your game around the green and note down the areas of your short game that’s affecting your score. For instance, you might be taking too many shots to get the ball inside the green, having a problem controlling the chip, or unable to read the green, etc.
  2. To play the pitch shot, the ideal club to choose would be either a sand wedge or a pitching wedge. You’ll be playing this shot when the ball is 5 to 50 yards from the green. When it comes to the short game, control is more important than speed. For better control try not to grip the club too tightly; a firm, but relaxed grip with the knuckles of your left hand clearly visible will help you with control.
  3. When the ball is close to the green, chip the ball instead of pitching. The purpose of the shot is to make the ball fly higher, but not long. With a chip shot, the ball is hit high up, allowed to travel a short distance, land softly, and cover the remaining distance rolling on the green. To get this shot right, position the ball an inch or two behind the center and use the hands, arms, and shoulders as one unit during the swing. The secret of successful chipping is the ability to play a curtailed swing.
  4. If you just missed the green and need to get the ball on it without any roll then use the lob shot. To lob the ball, address the ball and have the shoulders, waist, and feet pointing towards the target line. Keep the clubface open through the impact and the follow-through. For the lob shot have a curtailed backswing and a normal, full follow-through.
  5. The bunker shot is a hard one to master, but to improve your short game this shot is a must. To escape or get the ball off the bunker, use a sand wedge. Assume a narrow stance with feet firmly on the sand surface. Keep the clubface open during the swing and try to hit under the ball.