Tips on How to Book a Tee Time Online without any Risks

Booking tee times online is the most convenient way of reserving a place for you and your friends at your favorite golf course. However, you might lose your money because of a few mistakes. Read further to find out how you can book tee times without any risks.

What you need to have to book tee times online

Different golf courses have different requirements before they accept online bookings. However, a few things are common. To make online bookings, you need to have a valid Visa, American Express, or MasterCard in order to guarantee the reservation. You can make one booking for every 4 members for golfing. Once you arrive at the golf course, you must pay the green fees that are due using your credit or debit card. A few golf courses accept the promo cards or passes while others do not.

What happens if you cancel your plan?

Most of the golf courses mandate it to make cancellations, if any, before 24 or 48 hours of the tee time. If you want to make changes to the date or time of your round of golf, you must do it 48 hours before your booked time. If you cannot make changes or cancellations online, you can call the golf club to do so. If you make these changes or cancellations within the period, you will not incur any charges on your credit card. However, you might invite penalty if you cancel your plans last minute. Some golf clubs make it mandatory to call them for cancellations. You must go through their cancellation policy before you make bookings.

What timings are available for booking?

Normally, you can book your tee timings 5 days in advance without any booking fees. However, if you make bookings for a distant date, more than 5 days to go, you have to pay the booking fee. This fee may range from $5- $10 or more depending on the policies of the golf course. In case, the golf course has to make any refunds to you, they may credit it to your account or pay in cash.

When you must reach the golf course

When you finalize your bookings, you must reach the golf club at least 10-15 minute before your booked tee time. This is compulsory with most courses and it also gives you time to warm up. If you arrive late, you might lose your bookings without any refund. You might be given an alternate timing during the day, if available, but it is at the sole discretion of the course. If you have to make bookings for a large group, you might need to do it 12 months prior. However, you are required to make advance payment in full in this case. There are separate rules and regulations at different courses for large groups regarding the number of times they can play during the year or on holidays.