Impact Position Golf Drill From An Experienced Player

The moment of truth

Impact position is by far the most important part of the golf swing. It has been said that all great players have different looking swings, but all of them look exactly the same from hip height coming down, to hip height going through.

You can have a technically "incorrect" swing, for example players such as Lee Trevino or Jim Furyk, but if you get your body and the club in the right position at impact, you will hit world-class shots. A great impact position can make up for a lot of sins in the rest of your swing. No matter what is going on in the rest of your swing, if you return the clubhead to the middle of the ball squarely, you will hit solid shots.

Here are a handful of drill you can try to groove your impact position:

  1. Open a door in your house and practice pressing the clubhead into the door frame. Hold and remember the perfect impact position.

  2. Invest in an "impact bag" and practice taking swings and pressing the clubhead into the bag at impact.

  3. Hit wedge shots and cut off your follow through. By doing this you will bow the left wrist and keep it that way. This will help you get a feel for impact and holding that left wrist position through the shot. This drill is great because It's easier to rehearse impact with short clubs than with longer clubs.

  4. To rehearse your impact position at chipping, and to stop thinning the ball due to flipping the wrists, wear a watch and place a ruler in between your wrist and the watch. This drill will anchor your wrist and prevent it from breaking down at impact.

  5. For bunker shots, wear your golf glove and focus on hitting bunker shots by pointing the logo of the golf glove at the sky and keeping it there.

  6. Tee the ball up high and hit iron shots. Aim to "sweep" the ball off the top of the tee. This drill will help you swing easy and have a good impact position. If you swing too fast doing this drill, you will catch the ball off the top of the club face and the vibrations will travel up the shaft of the clubhead, through your arms and up your shoulders.