A Creative Approach To Planning Portugal Golfing Vacations

The time you spend at the local golf club will give you immense pleasure, but that’s nothing in comparison to playing on courses in Portugal – the best golf destination in Europe. Your trip to Portugal shouldn’t be just about golf. There are plenty of beaches, places, and restaurants to visit in Portugal. Planning a vacation in Portugal that satisfies every member of your group, golfers and non-golfers, isn’t easy. That why we’ve decided to offer you some creative ideas to plan your vacation.

Prepare a proper itinerary

Conservatively speaking, there are some 75 to 100 golf courses in the whole of Portugal, and very many of them find mention in the Top 100 Golf Courses list. Even if you plan a long golf vacation in Portugal it’s impossible to play on more than a handful of courses. Moreover, Portugal has many golf regions and sub-regions. So, it’s imperative to have a proper itinerary that focuses on just a few premium golf courses within a small geographical area. Even the most meticulous vacation planners make mistakes. Their enthusiasm for golf can make them choose courses in Algarve and near Lisbon – both are some distance apart. Avoid mistakes like these by preparing a proper itinerary.

Portugal is a land of plenty

Golf enthusiasts make up a large section of the overall tourist inflow into Portugal. That’s because there are many golf regions in Portugal. Each golf region and sub-region has something different to offer to the golfers. The most popular golf region in Portugal is Algarve, the southernmost part of the country. Algarve is further divided into Western, Central, and Eastern Algarve. Other popular golf regions of the country are Lisbon, Porto, Madeira, and Costa de Prata. Pick one region to visit on your vacation.

Packing and logistics

Golf holidaymakers use the bus or rental cabs to commute within Portugal. Unless you opt for a larger vehicle, cabs are usually small and can only carry limited amount of luggage. So, pack wisely and carry only items that are necessary. If you expect rain during the vacation, pack suitable attire. Also, read the rules and etiquette guidelines of courses you plan to visit. Each golf course has special rules on golf attire. You need to be aware of these rules before you pack. Holidaymakers with kids are advised to take extras.

Foreign Currency

Converting your money to Euro after landing in Portugal is not a good idea. After booking the tickets or buying a vacation package visit the local bank or currency exchange facility to convert your money to Euro.