Free Golf Lessons From The Pros: How To Start The Takeaway

Do not make any quick movements, the takeaway should be smooth

In golf, takeaway is just another name for backswing. Though takeaway is a crucial part of golf, many golfers seem to be ambiguous of starting it in the right way. Some players use excessive rotation of the forearm or hinge their wrists too much, which makes the backswing more complicated than necessary.

When you make complex motions like that, your golf club moves out of the position too early. Then, the remaining motion of swing becomes a rescue mission and you can only try to get the golf club to the ball back again.

To begin the club away from the golf ball in a way that is easy to reproduce consistently is important for consistently striking the ball. During your takeaway, you should move minimum parts of your body so that the motion is easy to repeat.

How to start the takeaway?

The first few feet of your swing when the head of the club moves back from your ball are important in a takeaway. A good backswing engages your shoulders, arms, torso and hips. These body parts must work in conjunction with each other throughout the swing. You must concentrate on learning the basic elements of a takeaway. The remaining swing will automatically become more fluid and natural.

Once you have attended to the ball and set up your posture and stance, the takeaway begins with your left shoulder (for right handed players), your arm simultaneously moving your club away from the golf ball.

Now, visualize your wrists, hands and arms forming a triangle that you have to keep intact till the time your hands become constant with the right thigh. It is known as a one-piece backswing. Concentrate on keeping the golf club near the ground during this part of your swing.

Keep it in mind that if your swing does not start smoothly, it will become very difficult to maintain solid swing in the remaining part.

Some tips for a solid takeaway

Focus on making the takeaway in one shot in such a way that your shoulders, arms and hands work together in combination with each other.

Uphold the flexibility in the right knee without straightening or bending it up farther. It is where the energy will get build up for a dominant downswing.

You should not make any quick movements. The takeaway should be smooth so that your wrists do not hinge too early.