Everything You Need To Know About Chipping Swing

While chipping is an important aspect of golf, many players dread it since they have trouble getting it right. There is often a level of pressure that comes along with chipping since it is known to try and help a player save par and obtain lower scores. It is important to practice chipping and try not to overlook the concept when on the course. If you practice more often it can actually be a game changer and help you get more comfortable with your technique. Here is more insight on how to do chipping swings.

  • Keep hands in place and make sure to hinge wrists. Keeping hands in control while swinging through can make a difference at the end of the shot. In this case hands should work for you in popping the ball up from the green, not much motion is needed. Try not to overdo your swing but move normally and trust your hands and arms with the iron.
  • Use a sand wedge to make the play and to practice. The angle of the sand wedge is often good for chipping and allows for better loft. Overtime a good technique can be developed by sticking to one club. Some may argue you should consider using another club depending on your comfort level, but using the same club each time allows for better consistency.
  • Keep ball on the green. The motion of chipping can be done at different times depending on the hole with variations in grass, slope, downhill, etc. The overall goal is to make sure you work the ball on the green and keep it there or things can get more difficult quickly.
  • Know where to put the ball from. Read the ball and greens. This may vary depending on slope or lie, but you need to have an idea of where the ball should go when you hit it. Good positioning of the ball can help but try not to analyze this aspect too hard. This also plays a role in having good balance when you move to swing.
  • Consider using your bunker shot technique when playing deep rough. Part of your technique should include creating an open face with your club. Next, work to create a bigger swing to get through grass. In some cases this shot may not seem as simple as it sounds. Take time to practice this shot so you can see progress.