Golf Courses Near Lagos: Top 5 Legendary Destinations

Portugal and in particular Lagos, is home to some of the best golf courses so far. There are a lot of incredible places here from where you can come in and play a good game from time to time. This is important because it will make you appreciate not just the game, but the scenery too. If you are ever planning to come to Lagos and have a good game of golf, there are some locations that we will discuss herein that will totally be worth your time:

  • Marina Club Lagos
  • Palmares
  • Santo Antonio
  • Oceanico Faldo
  • Espiche

Marina Club Lagos

When you are coming to or planning to play at the Marina Club in Lagos, you need to particularly know that you are getting into royalty. You will have the best of spa treatment, accommodation and a fully stocked bar and restaurant after you play.

This course is quite spectacular to say the least, just as is the case with a lot of the other courses that you will come across in Lagos so far.


The setting of Palmares is in itself a beauty. It is designed by the sea side, which gives you a really good perspective of the course that you are playing on. To add on to that, this is one of the works of legendary golf course architect, Robert Trent Jones II, so you can look forward to having a good time here.

Santo Antonio

Santo Antonio is one of the top courses that you will ever play on if you come to Lagos. It is a beautiful course, one that has attracted lots of attention in the past. For those who are looking for some pristine play, this is a good course. Besides, the beautiful weather constantly favors a good game here all year round.

Oceanico Faldo

Oceanico Faldo is a beautiful course. It is even more popular with those who come to Portugal in search of a challenge. It is an ideal course for you, considering that you will have to try and beat the herbs and cacti available on the course


Other than the discount offers that they have from time to time and the incredible greens available here, this 18 hoe par 72 course will prove to be quite the challenge for you should you be the kind of player who is into serious golf escapades.